DealRunner Pro™, the core platform within the BookRunner Product Suite, is a comprehensive leading edge software package for institutional trading, servicing front and middle-office users. Designed to function across multiple trading desks and security types, DealRunner™ is a sophisticated real-time position keeping and risk management system, intended for use by global investment banks, insurance companies, pension funds, and hedge funds.

In an era of unprecedented volatility, DealRunner™ is particularly attractive to hedge funds and money managers looking for a one stop, scalable and cost effective solution; it combines sophisticated realtime position keeping, risk management, analytics integration, and middle ofice functionality. With its thin client architecture and ASP modules, DealRunner™ attains superior performance while requiring minimal infrastructure and support.

As part of its financial software suite, BookRunner offers a number of integrated solutions, which are designed to streamline global trading operations and facilitate STP.

Key Features

DealRunner™ offers specialized functionality for fixed-income products, with full support for Mortgage Agency Trading. It's position aggregation functionality coupled with a sophisticated pricing matrix make it the ideal platform for the modern Pass-Thru desk.

DealRunner™ supports most security types, including multi-currency fixed-income instruments and their associated hedging strategies. Traders have access to the following capabilities:

Information Architecture

DealRunner™ leverages familiar GUI elements that have become common to most modern windows applications, arriving at a user interface that is state-of-the-art. It features an intuitive navigation system, floating windows, and extensive configuration options, setting a standard for Trading Software design for years to come.

Key features include: