Consulting Services

Take advantage of BookRunner Systems specialized consultancy services when you need to extend your internal capabilities or when you require focused in-depth project expertise.

Integration, Interface Design and Custom Application Development

BookRunner's consultants work closely with clients to integrate DealRunner™ with proprietary and third party systems in order to achieve STP objectives. Our technicians have developed numerous interfaces to a variety of applications, including several real-time interfaces using Web Services and XML messaging APIs. In addition to services related to BookRunner, we are there overall to help you design and develop highly customized interfacing applications to serve a variety of functions.

System Analysis & Re-Engineering

Our engineers can also help existing clients realize greater efficiency, productivity, and performance across their entire asset management infrastructure through System Analysis & Re-Engineering.

Our professionals follow a documented methodology that closely analyzes all components of a client's infrastructure. The analysis begins with the setup of DealRunner™ and continues to include workflow reviews and best-practice recommendations, database tuning and hardware analysis, and finally, a review of system integration with in-house applications, ECNs, as well as downstream liquidity and settlement venues.

Based on their analysis, BookRunner Systems consultants make recommendations as to how a client may best re-engineer and/or tune their trading environment and workflow processes. Through the review of the DealRunner™ setup alone, our experts can identify opportunities that result in immediate workflow improvements.

Upgrade Assistance

Our technical consultants are available to provide assistance with periodic DealRunner™ upgrades. Both our packaged and customized upgrade services go beyond standard technical support to help you kick off your upgrade initiative. Services range from a "QuickStart" upgrade package (designed for clients who prefer to manage their own upgrade, but want to accelerate the in-house effort by leveraging BookRunner's hardware and staff resources) to comprehensive services, including planning, interface analysis, DBMS upgrade support, system testing, regression testing, performance tuning, on-site training, and on-site support during production release.

System and Performance Tuning

BookRunner Systems technical specialists can conduct a pre-production performance readiness review, examine stored queries, and validate system performance parameters. Their findings and recommendations are thoroughly documented and communicated to ensure a high degree of knowledge transfer to your staff.

Custom Testing and QA Service

Before your next regression test, save time and money by extending your internal application testing capabilities with BookRunner Systems Custom Testing and QA Services. Prior to conducting an internal regression test, our support staff will translate your specific test scenarios and data into specialized scripts which, after a joint review, will be run through our automated testing facility using your data. A BookRunner consultant will review the output and provide you with a summary analysis and recommendations. The consultant will also work with your BookRunner Relationship Manager and internal support organization, so that they would be able to provide additional guidance on any action items before proceeding with the full regression test.

By leveraging BookRunner's Testing and QA Services, you will be able to cut cost and reduce your time to market significantly.