DealRunner™ is designed to serve as the main information portal for the front, middle and back-office operations within a highly complex trading environment. The system links to internal and external sources for real-time efficient and paperless communication, providing streamlined connectivity with market data providers, analytics engines, ECNs, settlement and accounting systems. DealRunner™ efficiently stores, transfers and shares data to achieve timely communication and downstream trade processing.

DealRunner™ offers an open architecture for rapid system integration through a variety of flexible methods:

Exposed Services

Extensible API

DealRunner™ exposes a robust multi-layered API, which allows clients to extend the BookRunner framework to meet evolving business needs. Developers and end users themselves may choose one of the following three methods for integration:

Third Party Connectivity

BookRunner Systems interoperates with various external providers, such as market datafeeds, calculation engines, backoffice systems, etc... In each instance, BookRunner works with the vendor to provide appropriate levels of system communication, ongoing maintenance, and support. Please refer to the STP section for a list of current interfaces.